Data Encryption Standard (DES) based Secure Communication Application


Data Encryption Standard (DES)

The following Data Encryption Algorithm (DES) and Triple Data Encryption Algorithm shall make up the Data Encryption Standard (DES) (TDEA, as described in ANSI X9.52). These devices must be built so that they may be utilized in a computer system or network to secure binary-coded data using cryptography. The application and environment will determine the implementation strategy. The devices must be developed in a way that allows for testing and validation that they accurately carry out the transformations outlined in the ensuing algorithms.

Implemented Functionalities

  • Design and implemented an application that encrypt the data transferred between two or more users who are engaging in an interactive session of data exchange. Through a user interface, the application can send and receiving data (or files) which is performed independently of each other during which the data (or files)are encrypted while in transmission.
  • Application implemented.
  • Design and implemented a user-friendly interface.